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April 23, 2010

Ex crimes!

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April 23, 2010

Cast: Jennifer Aniston, Gerard Butler, Gio Perez

Director: Andy Tennant

Jennifer Aniston can be sexy and funny, and we know that because we still watch reruns ofFriends. But in The Bounty Hunter, in which she stars opposite Gerard Butler, she is neither sexy, nor funny. She’s bored.

The Bounty Hunter isn’t simply a bad film, it’s a lazy film. So lazy in fact that it doesn’t bother with a script, and makes no effort to inspire any chemistry between its leads. Aniston stars as a hotshot reporter who, while investigating a suspicious suicide, misses an appearance in court for a minor traffic offence. Butler is an ex-cop turned bounty hunter who’s hired to find her and take her to jail. Oh, and he happens to be her bitter ex-husband by the way, who’s thrilled to land this job that he’s so clearly going to enjoy!

Since this is a rom-com, you already know how this is going to pan out – bickering exes forced to spendtime together because of a crime, until they finally discover they still love each other. Just think Did You Hear About The Morgans? minus Hugh Grant!

The gags in this film involve a pair of handcuffs that both characters use on each other at some point – but not in the way you’re thinking. And there’s also the ultimate husband fantasy – of locking your wife in the boot of your car when she’s proving to be a handful. But don’t get your hopes too high, because these gags play out in the most predictable manner you could imagine.

There were rumors Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler were dating while shooting this film, and if that’s true, then you have to give it to them – they’ve got to be the best actors ever. Because you don’t see a hint of chemistry between them on screen. Just no sparks at all.

I’m going with one out of five for The Bounty Hunter. It’s dull, it’s boring, it barely packs a few laughs. Don’t put yourself through it.

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