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December 1, 2011

Skin show no big deal for John Abraham

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  John Abraham never had a problem in taking off his shirt, in Dostana however, he strips down his trunks. Unlike Bollywood heroines who grumble about being treated like sex objects, John says skin show no big deal for him.

Rajeev Masand interviewed the actor about his forthcoming movie Dostana and here is a gist of it —

Rajeev Masand: John you really been out of sight for a while, haven’t you? John is it really safe to say that all eyes are on your new release Dostana in which you and Abhishek Bachchan play this pretend gay couple. It sounds really like a cheeky fun kind of film but it will also be a bit tricky as we like our heroes pretty straight.

John Abraham: Well, it is pretty brave to do a film like Dostana but at the same time Director Tarun Mansukhani has treated the film pretty carefully. It is a non-offensive film, it is a film which shows us as heroes in the light in which we are suppose to be shown in and at the same time it has also got a funny twist which you saw in Kal Ho Na Ho for example. If I have to draw an analogy with another film it would be the Kanta Bahan‘s track of Kal Ho Na Ho and an extended form. This film is just meant to entertain your senses and have a good time.

Rajeev Masand: You have never shied away from being the beef cake but in this film you have really raised that haven’t you. There is the straight out of from James Bond film, the walking out in the beach in swim trunks and there is lots of bay body on display. Were you entirely comfortable?

John Abraham: Well, Karan was very clear. He said John you are always known for your body and the way you look. It is not about the six packs you have or how muscular you look but you are always known for that sensuous angle that you have and that is what I want to see walking out of the water so the brief was pretty much clear. He said people like you that way and I will present you in front of people in that way and I was pretty okay with it, absolutely comfortable with it.

Rajeev Masand: Apparently, you spent a lot of time in the film just in shots. Women at times have problem in being sex objects, do you have a problem in being a sex object?

John Abraham: I am very comfortable with my body from the first film. There are certain films you don’t want to show too much skin all the time because the film doesn’t demand that but in a film like Dostana where you are on the beach in Miami getting out of the water, I had to just wear my trunks so where everyone’s clothes use to come in hangers mine use to come in one hanger with four different trunks.

Rajeev Masand: Now we will see you in Aashayein, the film you did with Nagesh Kukunoor. .

John Abraham: Yes, it is a very special film.

Rajeev Masand: Tell me why it is a special film for you?

John Abraham: Rajeev, when you talked about being out of sight, I have actually been out of sight after my last release Goal after which I did Aashayein and I had to loose a lot of weight for Aashayein. I actually took a break of seven months after that and I did Dostana in Miami so I have effectively been out of the country and out of sight for nearly a year now. I have enjoyed that space because I needed some time now. Aashayein was a film I wanted to give my blood and sweat to. I don’t know if it is a landmark performance in my case but I have been honest in that film and it means a lot to me.

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