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March 3, 2017


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March 03, 2017

Cast: Vidyut Jammval, Adah Sharma, Esha Gupta, Freddy Daruwala, Shefali Shah, Adil Hussain

Director: Deven Bhojani

Commando 2 is the kind of movie where we’re introduced to the hero with a close-up of his bulging bicep, even before we see his face. Vidyut Jammval is the impressive action star in this thriller, but for all the kicks, the back flips, the sliding through tiny spaces in the nick of time, and the slow-motion flying-in-the-air stunts, this film lacks punch. It takes superhuman strength to stop yourself from nodding off to sleep, because Commando 2 just goes round and round in convoluted circles.

The makers shrewdly attempt to cash in on hot-button issues like demonetization and farmers’ suicides, but to be entirely honest this is a bargain basement version of an Abbas-Mustan film with a simplistic plot and logic-defying twists.

Commando Karan (Vidyut) and a motley team are put together to bring back a famed money launderer by the name of Vicky Chaddha who is hiding out overseas. The idea is for the Indian government to get hold of crores of rupees in black money, and to use it for the good of the country before slimy businessmen and slimier politicians (Shefali Shah) can get their hands on it.

The team heads to Bangkok in pursuit of Chaddha, but this plot is more twisted than a pretzel and you wish you had Commando Karan’s energy to just keep up with what’s going on. His team includes the usual computer nerd (Sumit Gulati), a hard-nosed cop who switches sides in an instant (Freddy Daruwala), and a motor-mouth encounter specialist (Adah Sharma) who’s so ditzy you can’t help chuckling at some of her low-IQ one-liners. Esha Gupta, whose endless supply of sexy gowns and accessories is way more entertaining than her trite dialogues, plays the token vixen with mysterious motives.

Director Deven Bhojani ought to have cut the flab out of this movie and made it, metaphorically speaking, as tight as his leading man’s abs. Vidyut does a crazy, eye-popping number of stunts – including one in which he slips effortlessly through a cubby hole – but the action feels overlong and repetitive since it’s in service of a frankly underwhelming plot. And while Vidyut may flex his muscles like few can, his acting chops need work.

I’m going with a generous two out of five for Commando 2. This film gets tiring very quickly.  Sadly, it feels as pointless as a demonetized 500-rupee note.

(This review first aired on CNN News18)

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