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December 4, 2020

World Trade Center review

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Nov 03, 2006

Cast: Nicolas Cage, Michael Pena

Director: Oliver Stone

Oliver Stone’s film World Trade Center, as is made very clear from the title, directly addresses the terrible events of that fateful day in history. Interestingly enough, Stone’s film is a far more intimate story than the title might suggest. It’s the true story of two police officers who for more than 24 hours were trapped under the debris of the collapsed towers.

Now, for most of us who’ve come to expect controversy and a political statement from Stone, you’ll be surprised to note that World Trade Center really has no political agenda.

In fact, it’s possibly one of Stone’s most uplifting films as it celebrates the triumph of the human spirit and focuses on hope, humanity and determination.

Now, if you honestly ask me, I think that’s exactly what the problem with this film is – it’s too much of a sanitised, Hollywood-ised story, a feel-good drama, where it could easily have been a far more grittier, a more disturbing film like United 93.

Despite very inspired performances from Nicolas Cage and particularly Michael Pena who play the two police officers at the heart of this story, I think World Trade Center is just an average film, nowhere close to some of Stone’s previous films like JFK and Born on the Fourth of July.

Everyone likes a happy ending, I know. But from Oliver Stone, the least you expect is something provocative. Sadly, this film is far from provocative.

That’s an average rating for Oliver Stone’s World Trade Center – it’s noble and well-intended, yes but it’s also not the stuff that dreams are made of.

(This review first aired on CNN-IBN)

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